Millionaire Marijuana Playboy Surprises Followers With A Free Ounce Of Weed Delivered In A Ferrari

by 11 months ago

Yesterday was 4/20, with stoners around the nation celebrating the national cannabis holiday by burning one down. Here on BroBible, we told you about the philanthropic efforts of Big MikeInstagram’s flashy “marijuana playboy” who created a $100 million empire in Advanced Nutrients, a cannabis fertilizer company.

In the spirit of 4/20, he pulled off an amusing stunt for three of his lucky Instagram followers. After his team vetted three followers in the L.A. area to ensure that they’re over 21, Big Mike showed up like the weed fairy to gift an ounce of King Moses OG, along with some Advanced Nutrients-branded gifts. He hit up West Coast Customs to wrap his Ferrari in marijuana leaves, which made for some amusing visuals around Los Angeles.



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