The Person Behind All Of Those Snarky Wendy’s Tweets And Burns Has Been Revealed And She’s Awesome



The person behind all of those Wendy’s tweets that go viral has finally been revealed and she’s as awesome in real life as she is behind a keyboard.

As you may recall, earlier this week, Wendy’s Twitter burned a guy so bad that he ended up deleting his account.

As you also may recall, this isn’t the first time the Wendy’s Twitter account dropped the hammer on someone. In fact, it happens quite often…

Turns out that it isn’t a bot dropping all that sass on social media, but a woman named Amy Brown. [Ed. Note: She no longer works there.]


Amy Brown, Twitter

(Her initials are A.R.B. She isn’t shilling for Arby’s. I think.)

According to Mashable, Brown has been the social media manager for Wendy’s since 2012. She got the job, according to Wendy’s VP of Advertising, Brandon Rhoten, “after trolling her on Twitter.” Figures, right?

She even has a tremendous sense of humor on her own personal Twitter account…

Although now that she and the Wendy’s Twitter account have gone viral, it seems that people are just tweeting at it to see what kind of responses they’ll get…

Even Aria over at Pornhub has taken notice…

So where did Amy get her tremendous sense of humor and sass? Her mom, natch…


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Wendy’s image: George Sheldon /