Dude Recreates What It Actually Looks Like To Trip Balls On LSD And This Is Truly Trippy As Hell

I’ve totaaaaalllly never taken LSD because as we all know, it’s against the law, and I’m a law abiding citizen. At no point in my life have I dropped acid and watched The Matrix, or gotten a friend to stop at one of those drive-thru car washes with all of the crazy multi-colored soap. Those sort of activities are for druggies, and I wouldn’t know anything about that.

If, like me, you’ve never eaten a few sugar cubes in the middle of the afternoon to watch the sunset and sunrise in one sitting then this video is for you. It was put out late last year by the YouTube channel ‘AVI LSD’, and it gives a realistic look at what it’s like to take 400ug of LSD.

LSD is often measured in micrograms, so here they’re talking about 400 micrograms, and this is what it would look like if you were to take that much LSD and go outside. The world is a different place. You’re not exactly seeing anything that isn’t actually there. A friggin’ penguin isn’t going to pop up and distract you or some shit like that. But the world is very different. The walls are breathing, there are trails in the air every time you move your hands. It’s a completely psychedelic experience.

So, if you’ve never taken LSD and are curious about what it might actually be like this video’s a very good representation of what the experience looks like. Just keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for LSD trips to last from 12-24 hours. This isn’t exactly ideal for people with iPhones attaching them to the outside world, or people with real world responsibilities….Just some food for thought.

(h/t TheLadBible)