Man Jumps Over White House Fence, Kicks Attack Dog, Is The Devil

If there’s ONE THING we here in America don’t stand for, it’s animal abuse…ESPECIALLY when it comes to dogs. You do NOT kick our dogs, or we will treat you like an enemy of the state.

Tonight there’s breaking news of a man who scaled the fence on the North Lawn of the White House and was charged by the security dogs…and then there’s footage of him kicking one. So I want to just toss this out there now: can we expedite his path to a life of solitary confinement (and possibly corporal punishment)? The thumbnail above is my dog, and if anyone were ever to lay a finger on her maliciously I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions, because (again) this is America.

H/T @moneyries

One more time, just for those of you that might not be from America and are having trouble fully grasping this….Kick our dogs, we will hurt you and enjoy doing it.

But in the mean time, before we tar and feather this dog kicking piece of shit…can we please get some better fences at the White House than these?