‘Whores Of Yore’ Posts Hilariously Filthy Photos That Prove Humans Have Been Perverted Since Forever

Adam and Eve were perverts. It wasn’t really known because they were the only people on Earth but I imagine they got super filthy and not just because they banged on the dirt. As long as humans have been around they’ve been doing kinky things sexually.

The Twitter accounts Whores Of Yore is dedicated to the sexual indiscretions of our ancient ancestors. As these photos prove, people have always been into experiment sexually. Even if the act seems downright painful.

Lead a person to a penis tree and…

Maybe this is why autocorrect always changes fuck to duck

Here’s your sandwich and UGGGH here’s the dipping sauce

Somebody isn’t leaving their house ALL WEEKEND

Maybe just increase your fiber intake?

This is the origin of the term “being really hung”

And this whole time I’ve been taking Ubers

Must be an old sign for a train stop

[via Some eCards]

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