Here’s Why Redheads Lose Their Virginity Later In Life Than Blondes, According To Geneticists



Geneticists believe they’ve uncovered the mystery of why it takes longer for gingers to lose their virginities than blondes.

Of course there will always be exceptions to the rule, but on average people lose their virginity at 18-years-old. The average age is slightly older for natural redheads than it is for blondes, and geneticists believe it might be tied to a gene tied to ‘risk taking behavior’.

The Metro UK reports:

Dr Perry added: ‘While social and cultural factors are clearly relevant, we show that age at first sexual intercourse is also influenced by genes which act on the timing of childhood physical maturity and by genes which contribute to our natural differences in personality types.
‘One example is a genetic variant in CADM2, a gene that controls brain cell connections and brain activity, which we found was associated with a greater likelihood of having a risk-taking personality, and with an earlier age at first sexual intercourse and a higher lifetime number of children.’

So not that we know genes are tied to sexual activity, here’s what they had to see about the other gene, MRSA, the gene that is more heavily expressed in gingers:

Natural redheads are more likely to have sex later in life – after scientists analysed genetic traits which help to determine when someone first has sex.
Women with freckles were also more likely to put things off.
One gene, CADM2, is linked to having sex at a young age – and to general risk-taking behaviour.
Another gene, MRSA, linked to irritable behaviour also led – perhaps unsurprisingly – to people having sex at a later time.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but did they just imply that gingers (who heavily express the MRSA gene) are full of ‘irritable behavior’? I mean, we’ve all seen Problem Child and Child’s Play, but for geneticists to just come out and say that gingers are irritable is pretty unprecedented. What’s next? Are they going to finally tell us that Eric Cartman was right and gingers don’t actually have souls?

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