Here Is Why Instagram Refuses To #FreeTheNipple And Allow Chicks To Show Their Nude Boobs



Instagram’s policy towards boobs — mainly exposed female nipples — are absurd to a lot of grown, mature adults. Like Chrissy Teigen, who was temporarily “banned” from Instagram for posting nipple-exposing pics. We can handle it. If someone wants to show a pic of their nips, let them! It’s not the 1890s. Everyone has them. Stop being prudes and puritans about it!

This week Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom explained why the second most popular social media is so anti-chick nips. Via Business Insider:

Systrom said at the event hosted by Dazed Media on Wednesday in Shoreditch, London, that Apple’s App Store has strict guidelines on the types of content allowed within apps, explicitly banning nudity unless the app is rated 17+. He went on to say that Instagram wants to appeal to as many users as possible, and gaining a higher age rating would prohibit younger users who want to view PG-13 content.

Despite the censorship, Instagram remains “committed to artistic freedom,” according to Systrom. He went on to say that “in order to scale effectively there are [some] tough calls.” For Instagram, banning some photos of female nipples is one of these tough calls.

Many tech writers have noted that placing blame on the Apple App store is a huge cop-out on Instagram’s part. After all, nudity is kosher on Twitter and that app is perfectly fine — content just gets flagged as mature and everyone moves right on.

It’s time for this tyranny to end. Stop the nip double standard, Instagram.

[H/T: Mic]