Pissed-Off Wife Catches Cheating Husband At Airport With Mistress And Starts Brawling With Her In Front Of Everybody

If I was going to get back at my husband for having a mistress it would be more thought-out and better planned than what this lady did, let me tell you. The best kind of revenge wreaks both physical and emotional damage, meaning that with every broken leg delivered by a baseball bat there should be some emotional torment to go along with it that’ll stick with him for years. Maybe put his dick size on blast, tell his parents that he’s cheating on you, whatever – it just needs to be something that’ll haunt him sporadically throughout the years, most likely at the worst moments possible.

Or you could just deliver a thorough beating like this chick, if you’re lazy. Can never go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned curb stomp.

[H/T Mirror]