Wife Finds Out That Husband Secretly Married Another Woman Mid-Coitus And Goes Absolutely HAM On Him With Knife

I’m all about telling little white lies in a relationship for the sake of keeping the other person happy, but occasionally there comes a time where lying about the big shit is probably a good idea too. Prime example: you marry a second woman, in secret, without your wife’s permission.

Unless you want to end up like our unnamed friend below, i.e. full of knife slashes and in the hospital, that’s most likely something best kept to yourself.

According to Mirror, an unidentified woman was having sex with her husband when he took it upon himself to give her ammunition for every fight they’ll ever have for the rest of their lives, telling her that he had married another woman in secret. Enraged, the woman grabbed a knife and allegedly starting slashing at him. The photos are NSFW…

…though if you’re on BroBible.com while at the office you probably don’t care about your boss catching you dicking around. And if the privacy settings change on the photos embedded above and are no longer viewable, you can click HERE to see them for yourself.

The husband is reportedly recovering in Ijebu-Ode General Hospital and expects to survive his injuries. As for the wife, it is currently unknown if she’s been arrested over the attack.

[H/T Mirror]