South Carolina Head Coach Will Muschamp’s Dope New $2 Million Lake House Sounds About Right Right Now


Life is good for Will Muschamp. The newly appointed South Carolina Head coach is pulling in $3 mill a year–which makes him rich by our standards, but the Oliver Twist of SEC coaches (*Nick Saban smiles smugly sitting on his $7 million cash mountain). Muschamp is also college football’s Coach Eric Taylor–strong jaw, 60’s paper boy haircut, looks great in a windbreaker, the stern-but-vulnerable type. His look is so bro that I feel like just looking at this picture requires me to chug a beer and bang out 10 pushups. I’ve had washing machines less girthy than that neck.

And his Tammy Taylor-esque bombshell of a wife. Sup, Carol.

Getting sidetracked here. I could go down the Carol Muschamp rabbit hole for hours.

What were we talking about, ah yes the lake house and Carol’s beautiful smile. Willy Muschamp just locked down a filthy private island house on Lake Murray, 17 miles from the Gamecocks football stadium. The compound has a 9,400 square foot main house that is designed to resemble a ship and a 2,600 guest house likely use to house recruits and current/former players.

Check out the pics from Century 21. Looks to be just what the doctor ordered in this shitstorm February drudge.

I would surely get fucked up for a bros weekend in this compound.

Just throw a blanket on that pool table and we good.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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