Video Captures Insane Gun Battle As Woman Blasts Three Armed Home Invaders

Three men made the grave mistake of attempting to break in and rob the WRONG house. Last Friday around 4 a.m., the three armed home invaders kicked in the door and broke into a house in Georgia. However, seconds after the home invasion, the robbers were quickly running for their lives after the homeowner greeted her unwanted guests with hot lead.

Suddenly, the woman bursts out of nowhere with her gun a blazing.

One burglar is so mortified by the gun-toting woman that he runs right through a glass door.

One of the home invaders died in the driveway from his gunshot wounds.

“She exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property,” said Cpl. Deon Washington with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Officers in Gwinnett County are still attempting to locate and apprehend the other two burglars, who escaped their botched break-in.