Woman ‘Adopts’ A Coyote And Forces Her Poor Husband To The Brink Of A Mental Breakdown

Your spouse should be someone who you’ll do anything for, devote your life to, and most importantly be that blessed soulmate who you can play cruel pranks on and they won’t be mad at you for more than three days.

Kayla Eby loves her husband. I know she loves her husband because she plays a brutal joke on her husband.

In this hilariously evil prank, she informed her husband that she adopted a coyote, the perfect playdate for their young son. He lost his shit, and rightfully so. However, everything is not as it seems because the coyote was photoshopped into the pics (Not that you experts out there couldn’t have sniffed it out).

Kayla posted the hilarious and possibly scripted back-and-forth on her Facebook for your enjoyment.