Woman Posts Ominous Photo At The Grand Canyon Before Tripping And Falling 400 Feet To Her Death

A 35-year-old Florida woman plummeted 400 feet to her death while hiking with two friends last Friday at the Grand Canyon.

Rangers found the body of Colleen Burns, a regional marketing director at Yelp in Orlando,
early Friday morning below Ooh Aah Point, a famous landmark in the national park where hikers are known to catch the sunrise, according to Daily Mail.

The tragedy occurred just hours after Colleen Instagrammed a photo of the view from the South Kaibab Trail, accompanied with the caption: ‘That view tho.’

Jessica Roman, one of her friends who was with her on the hike, told Orlando’s WESH that the fall occurred after she was taking photos of scene.

“She was stepping out of the way for another gentleman to kind of squeeze in, and unfortunately, Colleen kind of got tripped up on her own feet and fell backwards, fell into the canyon,” Roman said. “That was the longest, strangest, craziest two seconds of my life.”

Check out the view from Ooh Aah Point below.

The Pennsylvania native also had a large adoration for America DJ, Kaskade, even working with the DJ to create a popular fan group coined Kaskade Connect, which also facilitated meetups among fellow fans.

The DJ took to Facebook on Saturday to express his sadness upon hearing the news.

It is estimated that 12 people every year die while visiting the Grand Canyon, including a 38-year-old man who died in 2014 after pretending to fall to scare his child, then actually fell to his death.

Scary shit, man. Be safe out there bros.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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