Meet The Woman Who Makes $25 MILLION A Year Selling Her Old Crap On eBay

I’ve never bought anything off eBay because I can typically find whatever I’m looking for cheaper somewhere else. Yeah the auctions can net you some decent stuff, but who has patience for that? Bitch I got places to be, stuff to eat and things to not do. I ain’t got time for that. 53-year-old Linda Lightman, however, apparently does have the time for it since she makes $25 MILLION a year selling her crap on eBay.

I mean, yeah, like, I could do that too if I WANTED $25 million, but like…I don’t. Which is obviously why I’m not doing this right now, not because I’m lazy obviously. Duhh.

According to Daily Mail, it all started when she began using eBay to sell her son’s used video games and realized that she could make more money if she expanded her eBay storefront further by selling a wider variety of items.

“…You don’t have to be limited by what is in your home. Branch out. You can make money selling other items on eBay.”

…‘I was always so passionate about fashion and for me it was a no brainer,’ she explained.

‘Within weeks, my friends asked me to sell their clothes and so on. Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool and it spread quickly. I instantly knew I was on to something.’

By 2006, she had 20 employees and moved Linda’s Stuff into a 5,000-square-foot office space; today, the company is still thriving, almost a decade later, turning over an impressive $25 million every year.(via)

Her storefront “Linda’s Stuff” has even grown to the point where it’s become a family business: not only does Linda’s husband Fred act as the president of the “company,” but her oldest son Max recently became vice-president of business development after gaining experience working at an investment banking house in New York for two years. Hell, they’ve even got office space:

‘I didn’t realize how big my company was going to be, so we moved offices four times in less than seven years,’ she said. ‘We first had a 5,000-square-foot location, then 12,000, then 25,000, to finally our new home of 93,000 square feet.’

‘We have truly grown in leaps and bounds – I should have trusted my instincts more.’(via)

As for the “top tips” Linda has for making money on eBay, it’s all pretty much “duh” stuff:

1. Do your research
Selling heroin to a weed-only market is probably not the best business move.

2.Pick a great user ID
No one wants to buy children’s toys from “CARNAGE_THE_ANAL_IMPALER_666”

3. Use quality images and detailed descriptions
Writing “shoo is gud, me like lots” underneath a photo of muddy sneakers isn’t gonna get them bought.

4. Customer service is key
Don’t be a cock.

5. Be prompt and reliable
Stop being a cock

6. Have fun

Tl;dr: chances are that you’re too lazy to actually do any of this so all the information above may as well have gone in one ear and out the other.

[H/T Daily Mail]