Woman Mauled And Chomped Boyfriend, Punched Her Mom After He Refused To Have Sex With Her

When are women going to understand the “No means no?” It was only two weeks ago that a Florida woman stabbed her boyfriend for refusing to have sex with her. Now we move on to Georgia where another woman went ballistic because her beau would not give up the D.

The beauty above is Tabatha Lee Grooms and she feeling rather randy and wanted some loving from her boyfriend. However when 30-year-old Carlos Rodrecus Grace refused Tabatha’s sexual advances in the morning, the 35-year-old woman left in a rage.

She returned to their home around 11:30 p.m. that night after boozing it up. She then told her boyfriend that she had “fucked everyone else because [Grace] would not fuck her,” Deputy Phillip Clark reported. After making her proud proclamation Tabatha allegedly scratched and bit Carlos (I’ve seen sharks featured on this site that I’d rather have bite me than this lady). He escaped to the bathroom and called 911.

Tabatha’s mother, 66-year-old Betty Clark, who lives with the couple was also attacked when she punched her dear mom in the left eye.

A Richmond County Sheriff’s Office report stated that Grace had a bite mark on his left forearm and “visible scratches to his face, head and neck that were bleeding slightly” when deputies interviewed him. The battered boyfriend told investigators that “Grooms was mad from earlier in the day because he would not have sex with her.”

Grooms declined to answer police questions about the fight, but admitted that she had been drinking. However the deputy noted that she appeared to be “highly under the influence of alcohol.” Shocker.

Grooms was charged with simple battery and family violence before being hauled away to Richmond County Jail. Court records show that Tabatha has previously pleaded no contest to leaving the scene of an accident. She is also facing a misdemeanor drunk driving charge.

Be careful out there bros.


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