How Hateable Is This Obviously Lying Woman Who Parked In A Handicapped Space At Trader Joe’s?

Entitled individuals are just the absolute worst. These fuckfaces that don’t think that the rules apply to them and they can just do whatever they want. Take out this crazy person who thinks she can park in a handicapped space despite not having the proper documentation.

Here is the YouTube description:

I am disabled due to kidney failure, and recently I had open heart surgery. It seems like every time I try to find parking in front of Trader Joes (Irvine, CA), some a*hole is illegally parked in the disabled spots. Today, while looking for parking, I saw a lady park in the disabled spot, jump out of her car, and run into the store. I grabbed my phone and waited. 5 minutes later, she came out of the store and I began recording. Sorry for the vertical filming. I originally had no intention of posting this, but it turned out really good.

“Oh, I have a note in my car because I have cracked ribs,” said Miss My Shit Don’t Stink. In the beginning of the video, this woman just hops down the curb with ease. Pretty fucking remarkable for someone with cracked ribs.

This delusional ditz truly believes that she can park in the disabled spot because she has a doctor’s note. The man recording promises her that he will delete the video if she produces a handicapped permit. She then tells him to stop taking video or she will “call the police.” This awful human being then has the audacity to threaten this man, “I will call the police.” Hahaha! Please call the police so they can write you a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot.