This Woman Has Spent Over $2,000 Covering Herself In Tattoos Of Rihanna Which Definitely Wasn’t A Waste Of Money

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? We both know you came here to see shitty tattoos of Rihanna so you’d feel better about that tramp stamp unicorn tattoo you got one drunken night over spring break, so I’ll try to get through the background information as quick as possible:

Sarah Ridge is 23 years old. She has 14 tattoos of Rihanna on her body. Because she enjoys wasting money on shitty tattoos, she’s spent over $2,000 and spent over 48 hours getting said tattoos.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now take a gander at these beauties; they look as if Rihanna was born a “little person” (shout out to the PC police) and then gotten her head stuck in a Panini press as a child. I don’t know much about Rihanna, so for all I know that’s actually true and these are legit spitting images of the singer…but I have a feeling they’re not.



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