This Woman Uses Her Giant Boobs To Distract Retail Staff And Steal Expensive Clothing



Come on people, is a woman with giant boobs really so distracting that you let her grab a shitload of fancy clothes and leave without paying for them? Women are getting boob jobs left and right these days, so you’d think that people would’ve become at least slightly underwhelmed with ’em by now.

But apparently that’s not the case for the workers at Berties Country Shop in Wimborne, Dorset, since one unidentified woman was able to distract the staff with her giant boobs and make off with a bunch of clothes.

A hunt has been launched for a Katie Price lookalike after she stole expensive clothes from a country store after distracting staff with her glamorous looks.

The woman, aged in her late 20s or early 30s, immediately caught the eye of staff at Berties Country shop in Dorset when she walked through the door with a male partner.

A third gang member posed as a customer wanting to buy Wellington boots to distract shop owner David Rosier while the other two raided the store.

The woman, who was wearing a low-cut white vest top and mini-skirt, stuffed four pairs of men’s trousers made by top country brand RM Williams and worth £420 into a bag.(Via)

According to the shop owner, the woman had a “very distinctive look” which I’m guessing translates to “Yo…those boobs. Whoa.”

Police have yet to make any arrests, however they have released an image of the couple and are asking for anyone with information about the theft to step forward.


[H/T Mirror, header image via Shutterstock]

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