A Woman Walked In On Her Sister’s Boyfriend Being Sodomized By The Family Husky And YEP GONNA GO PUKE NOW

DEAR GOD. What is wrong with people?

Someone sent me this the other day and I cast it aside replying to them, “Do you know how many of these we get a month? Weird people fuck animals more than you realize.” Then I read it… and yeah, this isn’t the kind of “man has sex with horse, man gets arrested” buggery we are sadly so accustomed to seeing. This is equally disgusting, OF COURSE, but it’s role reversal. The dude was found, on his hands and knees, taking it in the ass from the family dog.

According to NBC Montana:

Charging affidavits claim a woman returned home to find Kenneth Dwayne Kellmer on the floor on his hands and knees.

The woman claims Kellmer’s pants were down and her dog, a husky, was on top of him.

Kellmer was arrested over the weekend. He’s in jail awaiting his initial appearance in court. He is scheduled to appear in Justice Court on Monday afternoon.

The judge released Kellmer on his own recognizance but ordered him to not be around any pets.

Like I said to our tipster, you hear about all kinds of off-the-wall shit these days — mainly because we have access to every news story in the country — but what kind of catastrophe takes place in a person’s life that being fucked by an animal dawned on them as the thing to do? I get murder, I get robbery, I can even cope with a few corpse-fuckers roaming the earth, but animal fucking is my line in the sand. Well, that and children. You molest a child you should get fucked by a rocket launcher.

They say, “It takes all kinds to make the world go round” but stories like this one make me certain that it definitely doesn’t take ALL kinds.