Woman Live Streams Her Boss Asking For A BJ In His Truck And This Has Really Blown Up In His Mouth, Not Hers

A Hawaiian woman completing a six-day community service requirement has found herself at the center of a ton of chatter on the Internet after she live streamed a video to Facebook of her boss requesting sex acts in his truck. Makana Milho, 21, shared that video above to Facebook last week and in it you can hear her boss saying ‘If you don’t want a condom, I wouldn’t mind a blowjob’ after she asked him if she’d have to stay until 1pm unless she performed ‘sexual stuff’.

Obviously, her boss had no idea he was being live streamed/recorded while requesting a BJ from Makana Milho but a quick Google search of her name will show you that this dude’s now choking on his gross behavior and his life is in shambles after the video blew its load all over the Internet, because just about every website on the World Wide Web has now covered this dude’s actions.

via Metro UK:

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Ms Milho, a transgender woman, said ‘the universe was spinning.’
‘I thought he could do basically anything to me. I felt my power was stripped away from me.’
Ms Milho says her recordings also reveal Villanueva boasting about other women on community service who have given him sexual favours to get out of work early – including a young mother, who he says was ‘the best I had in a long time’.
After the conversation comes to an end, Villanueva asks Ms Milho to keep it a secret.
The video, which was taken on July 22, had over 197,000 views before Makana decided to remove it following a ‘victim blaming’ backlash online in which she was called a prostitute.

The boss has since been arrested and charged with Fourth-Degree Sexual Assault, and I’m not even joking when I say that I had no idea the degrees went that high in terms of charges because I’ve only ever heard for First, Second, and Third-Degree. As for the boss I can’t help but wonder how in the fuck a person like that gets put in a position where he’s in charge of fulfilling criminal’s community service requirements when he’s a criminal himself???

(h/t Metro via the Daily Beast)

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