Career Sex Worker Reveals The Secrets Of Her Trade In Uncensored Reddit AMA



An anonymous 25-year-old Australian woman who has had a career in the sex industry did a Reddit AMA on Saturday where she gave some eye-opening insight on her life. She said she is called “cute” often and has a “girl-next-door type of look.” The sex worker says she is “pretty” with a “good body” and “really soft skin.” She said that she “gets over 90% matches on Tinder” and doesn’t have a gag reflex. Braggart.

Her background:

I first entered the industry in my late teens 5 and a half years ago when I went to work in a high-profile Sydney brothel. Since then I have worked at 6 different brothels in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. In early 2014, fed up with brothel life, I moved to Perth to set myself up as a private escort. I was lucky to get in on the tail-end of the mining boom. One year later I had a mental breakdown and left the industry for 9 months. I returned nearly a year ago, this time in Sydney and I haven’t looked back since. I regularly tour interstate. I plan to retire in June this year when I move overseas to study for my Masters.

Here are some of the more interesting questions and answers.

BalaMarba: What is the weirdest thing a customer requested from you?
growlergirl: I used to have a spiral staircase in my Perth apartment. One client used to like sitting underneath it and jack off while I walked up and down the staircase. He had an upskirt fetish.
I’ve had phone calls from dudes requesting incest role play but I always turn these down- I don’t have it in me to act it out. I have a few brothers. I remember watching Gladiator with one of them. That was awkward for us.

tsubakey: What kind of people are your usual clientele? Age ranges/occupation/marital status?
growlergirl: Mostly white-collar type professions, more Caucasian, Indian and Asian than other races, and mostly in the 40-60 age group. I’m happy with this, because these guys are well mannered and really generous.

lumpinator-c***inator: What do you charge per hour? Flat rate for a night?
growlergirl: $550 for the first hour, $1050 for 2 hours, then $300 for each additional hour. $2500 for 12 hours and $5000 for 48 hours.

Pretty much my going rate to blog, give or take $535 per hour.

Totallynotatheif: There’s a reason she uses the title escort instead of hooker…
growlergirl: I use the term hooker all the time but it’s kind of only okay for us to say it.

Maesica: How often are you around drugs?
growlergirl: In the Sydney brothels- all the time. I’ve been addicted to cocaine before and I only ever bought it for myself once.

DRUGS? Around prostitutes? Ya don’t say?

letsreviewshallwe: Have you seen trends in what clients want? I remember reading a guardian article about a lot of young women are now being asked for anal sex with the boyfriends/dates/ etc.
growlergirl: I don’t think there’s been a real change in peoples’ sexual preferences. It’s just becoming more and more openly discussed. Myself, for instance, I loved anal even when I was doing it with my then-boyfriend at 18 years old but I carried so much shame for it. I’m not sure if it’s just age or because it’s more openly discussed now, but I no longer care who knows how much I like anal. That said, I’ll still choose vaginal over anal.

No girl should be shamed for loving anal, they should be celebrated.

ellerdrop: what is the avarage age of your customers? i mean, take a guess.
growlergirl: Most of my clients are between 40 and 60.


ellerdrop: how many guys have you fucked so far?
growlergirl: Between 1100 and 1200. Still tight, though, if my clients and tinder dates are to be believed.

What a busy bee.

ellerdrop: does size matter much?
growlergirl: In the brothel, yes. I had way bigger dicks there than I ever have since becoming a private escort. In brothels, clients usually only book 30 minute to 1 hour sessions, so the more clients I get the more money I make. But if I have a big shlong tear me up mere minutes into my 9 hour shift, I won’t be able to see any more clients for the rest of that shift and ill go home with only a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket.
Escorting, I have no middleman taking 50% of my earnings and my bookings are usually at least 2-3 hours. So if I get torn up by a big shlong, I go home with at least a grand in my pocket.

What a dick.

StaticzAvenger: Do you regularly get clients who want to lose their virginity?
growlergirl: The amount of times it has happened that I know of I can count of the fingers of one hand. Overall they seemed to just want to get it out of the way so they could take it off that pedestal.

420alldayson: What wouldn’t you do?
growlergirl: Can’t do:
fisting on me, though not for lack of trying
Won’t do:
incest role play
water sports/mud sports
most fetish type stuff (my specialty is GFE. If clients want to get whipped they’ll go to a dominatrix or a sex worker who specializes in fetish)
two dudes at once (for safety reasons. If I’m alone with one dude I stand a chance of beating him in a fight should things get ugly. 2 dudes, I have no chance. I’d like to get DP’d someday though)
long bookings out of the city (one client wanted me to come to his home in Bowral for a weekend. I couldn’t t think of anything more boring)

Pineapple26: Do you like your job?
growlergirl:Yep. But I take measures to ensure my job is enjoyable, for instance, not engaging with clients who are rude in emails/texts, not letting that shit get to me.
I’m getting a bit bored by it though. I’ve been doing it for too long. It allows for a lot of leisure time.

So there you have it, a little insight what it’s like to be a sex worker in Australia.

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