Gamer Whose Held An Xbox Record For 11 Years Is Dethroned After Going On Honeymoon

by 3 years ago


For 11 years, Ray “Stallion83” Cox has been atop the gaming mountain. According to Eurogamer, Cox has held the world record Gamerscore “since Achievement-hunting first became a thing” and became the first person on the planet to pass every major Gamerscore milestone, including being the first to pass 1m Gamerscore in 2014.

After over a decade ruling the gaming world, Stallion83 decided to take a couple weeks off to do human things like get married and go on a honeymoon. Welp, his longtime nemesis Stephen “smernov” Rowe has ceased the opportunity–surpassing Cox’s score by the narrow margin  of 5,600 points (smrnov has 1,591,450 to Stallion83’s 1,585,854).

Upon catching wind that his 11 year streak had been broken, Cox’s response was perfect.

Congrats on the sex, Stallion.

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