Man Spends $4.9 MILLION To Prove That He’s The World’s Biggest Douchebag, Buys Infuriatingly Stupid Item

A businessman from the UAE has spent $4.9 million (AED 18m) at auction to prove that he is the world’s biggest douchebag, and I’m not being hyperbolic at all here. Frankly, I’d have been totally cool with him spending $4.9 million on Red Bull, hair gel, and party tanks. Instead he dropped this enormous lump sum on the stupidest fucking item that you could ever imagine.

via The Guardian:

A car registration plate bearing just the number one fetched AED18m (£3.4m) at auction in the United Arab Emirates, according to press reports.
The winning bidder, Emirati businessman Arif Ahmed al-Zarouni, told Gulf News: “My ambition is always to be number one.
His bid was 18 times the reserve price but is not the highest sum that has been paid for a number plate in the UAE. In 2008, the number one plate of the richest of the UAE’s seven emirates, Abu Dhabi, sold for AED52.2m at auction. Zarouni’s plate is for Sharjah, the third-richest emirate.

Here he is with his prized auction item…

Emirati Saed Abdul Ghaffar al-Khouri (R)


I can’t really explain why this bothers me so much but it’s absolutely infuriating, and if I ever come in contact with this dude I think I’ll give him a swift throat punch straight to the Adam’s apple just so he knows where I stand on his stupid fucking decision.

He dropped 18x the reserve price at auction just to purchase the #1 on a license plate. Firstly, that sounds like back-channel money laundering to me but I don’t want to throw around any accusations outside of my main complaint: that this dude is now the world’s biggest douchebag.

You think you know people with huge egos? This dude spent almost FIVE MILLION DOLLARS just for the number on a license plate. How fucking self-absorbed does a douchebag have to be in order to pull a clown move like this. I only hope that after letting him foolishly spend $4.9 million on a license plate that his friends roasted the hell out of him when they all got home. That would be the silver lining here, his friends letting him make the biggest d-bag mistake in history and then making fun of him for it until the end of time….Anyways, I’m going to pull the ripcord on this post because I don’t want to spend any more time/energy getting pissed off by the actions of colossal fuckbois in the UAE.

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(via The Guardian)