Epic Meal Time Made The World’s Most Potent Weed Brownie For 4/20 And It’s Lethal

It’s 4/20 on Thursday, the official holiday of stoners everywhere. Marching towards 4:20 on 4/20 I’ll be featuring all sorts of outrageous weed recipes and cannabis-related content. First up, the world’s ‘most potent brownie’ that’s been made using an asinine amount of marijuana. This gloriously potent brownie was cooked up by Harley and the rest of the Epic Meal Time crew.

I hit up my buddy over at Epic Meal Time to see just how much cannabis went into the making of this brownie. He confirmed my suspicions that this a brownie strong enough to not only put you on your ass for the next day, but this THC-infused brownie could wipe out your entire circle of friends for hours on end. They added 8x the amount of weed the recipe called for, the end result was 4oz of weed for this brownie.

Unfortunately, I know a thing or two about brownies that are way too fucking strong. A while back I was given a weed brownie during the Super Bowl that was so potent I was still incredibly high when I woke up the next day. In order to ensure that you bros never fell into the same over-potency trap that I did, I went about creating the ‘Perfect Weed Brownie Recipe‘. So, if you’re looking to make some edibles for 4/20 on Thursday I’d start with that recipe. I also put together this list of recipes for Thanksgiving-related desserts, which are just as delicious now as they were in November. So if you want to make the best weed rice krispies treats on the planet just follow that link!

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