Worst ‘Fight’ Of All-Time Breaks Out On Golf Course


In this corner, weighing in at 207-pounds we have the golfer in blue who has a short-temper and is a much better fighter in his head than in reality. And in this corner, weighing in at 202-pounds we have the golfer in red who likes to shit-talk but has ABSOLUTELY no intentions of backing it up.

Blue is out of the golf cart in a hurry after taking offense to the words of red. DOWN GOES RED! DOWN GOES RED! Even though blue didn’t throw one punch, red goes down quicker than you can say, “Ball Washer.” Red is on his back and finally putting up a fight, sort of. Red cowers in fear and covers his head despite blue still has yet to throw a punch or even a slap. Both “brawlers” decide that they have had enough and end the donnybrook.

Red is reinvigorated and demands that blue remove his clubs from his cart, to which blue responds, “Or else what?!?!” Then red curiously kicks his own golf cart in anger, which really doesn’t hurt blue whatsoever. Red yells, “Get out of my cart!” Blue jumps out of the cart and confronts red, but red does his best Floyd Mayweather impression and quickly runs away in terror once again.

Let’s go to the stats of the fight:

Punches Thrown: 0
Punches Landed: 0
Connect Percentage: 0
Seconds Of Your Life You Can’t Get Back: 30