Meet The 10 Worst Girlfriends Of All Time And Enjoy A Whole New Set Of Dating Fears

by 3 years ago
worst girlfriends ever


Now obviously this isn’t a “definitive” list of the 10 worst girlfriends ever, but once you reach the levels these 10 women reached you’re really just splitting hairs when trying to compare them to other horrible girlfriends of the world. It’s like a 10-way tie, really, so any others you’d want to add into the mix would just increase the logjam at the top.

I mean when you’ve got a girl cutting her boyfriend with a knife while he sleeps and a woman who lit her guy’s penis on fire there’s really no saying that one is worse than the other. They’re all pretty much equally batshit crazy.

Though I must say there is WAY too much revenge being taken on penises on this list for my comfort. Firecrackers? Really? C’mon, girl.

Without further ado, here are your new dating nightmares…

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