Dude Finds And Reviews The Most Disgusting Hotel Room In America And WOWOW This Is Bad

by 11 months ago

This is a video that stopped me in my tracks and sent me down a rabbit hole of YouTube watching late last night. A buddy of mine sent me this knowing that I’m always on the hunt to share new, interesting, and sometimes freaky content with you bros and I didn’t really know what to expect when I started watching the first video.

The person behind this YouTube channel is Dan Bell. The gist is this, he finds and reviews the most disgusting hotel rooms in America. He finds bodily fluids (blood, semen, excrement), he finds bed bugs and roaches. Basically, this man finds all of the things we hope only exist in shady horror films but he’s proven that these hotels exist in real life.

Is he doing the lord’s work and stopping the average Joe from every staying at one of these hotels? Probably not. I’d wager that the type of person willing to fork over cash for a bed at the shadiest hotel in America isn’t the type of person searching for hotel reviews on YouTube.

This episode of ‘Another Dirty Room‘ focuses on The Swan Motel in Halethorpe, Maryland. If that doesn’t ring a bell, here’s a map of where the hotel is so you can stay AS FAR AWAY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE from this location:

worst hotel in america

Google Maps

After watching this clip, I’d rather stay at this haunted clown motel with a built-in graveyard than spent 5 minutes at The Swan Motel in Halethorpe, Maryland….In fact, I don’t even want to drive past that place on I-95. I can practically feel the bed bugs running out of there and into my nightmares.

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