A Bunch Of Guys Shared The Worst Things About Being A Man, Probably Got Very Little Sympathy

worst things about being a man


I can already hear it. How can guys possibly have any complaints? They’re…guys. Amazingly, despite all the privilege we constantly hear about, there are things that men have to deal with in life that are sometimes not pleasant. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

For proof of that all you have to do is look at some of the responses to this “Ask Reddit” question, “What’s the worst thing about being male?”

If you are a guy, see if any of these complaints ring a bell. If you are not a guy, see if you feel any sympathy whatsoever. The first one (it was the top comment) is pretty hard to argue with, but some of the others? Well, I’ll let you make the call.

Having to constantly partake in dick measuring contests in all aspect of life. ~ poopellar

If you’re a shy, reserved male, you’re basically living life on impossible difficulty when it comes to dating.

I don’t know how how I feel getting gilded for being a sad miserable fuck. ~ AsshatVik

Walking around in public on a hot day and having to take that extended stride to try to free your balls from the inside of your leg. ~ Facebookqt

Amen, brother.

Having to make the first move, dealing with rejection, Also the big one is not understanding a lot of the subtle social cues women put out. I’d rather they just tell me if they like me or don’t like me or where they want to eat, what they want to do etc. ~ czarcy

Unequal paternity leave/rights… Just unequal rights in general regarding children and child care. ~ jck0

The expectation that I should be able to deal with all my problems myself without any help. Often I hear women saying they wish society would trust them more, and leave them alone, and I’m not disrespecting that, I also think society should treat women more like adults who can take care of themselves. The flip side of that is when we do need help, men have less options, because nobody gives a shit. We’re just told to “man up” and deal with it. This is a generalisation, I’m sure there are examples where men get help, but structurally this has been my experience. ~ geatlid

The penis touching the inside of the toilet bowl. ~ Roswalpg

We’re replaceable. We’re easily discarded. That’s the military view at least, but this mentality spreads throughout. A woman’s death is a tragedy, a man’s death is a happening. ~ August_Seven

Movies and television tend to either portray men as tough guy assholes or idiotic children incapable of doing the simplest tasks. I spent 10 years in the army, been in a few firefights and used to jump out of helicopters. I also enjoy cooking, I often do the laundry and I’ve been taking care of my son every weekend from Friday night to Monday morning since he was born (my wife is in the medical field and works 12 hour shifts on the weekends) and he’s still alive with almost all of his limbs. Luckily you can live a normal life with only 9 toes. ~ PunchBeard

Girls who play with kids are seen as biologically superior. Great mother potential.

Guys who play with kids are seen as childish/perverted. Potential criminal.

Like, i’m about to be a dad and I’ve always loved kids. I’m just a kid who grew older anyway. If I take an interest in making some kid happy, it doesn’t mean I’m a fucking creep. Maybe if you stopped instagraming and taking a shitty selfie with dog ears and took an interest in your kids instead of leaving them at the park while you sit on a parkbench with your nose in your phone, then you’d have a bit more clarity. Fuck you.

I get heated about this a lot. I guess this kinda falls into the “inequality between the sexes” category that people have mentioned already, but I don’t care. I think someone even said something similar to what I said the last time this question was asked, but omg is it true. ~ wooz44

The length of prison sentences. ~ Bigrubba87

If you are not an agressive asshole, people will take advantage of you. ~ Ikinoki

Not being able to show or a talk about emotions in public without getting weird looks and awkward silence. ~ Carlen67

Living with the constant fear that someone could falsely accuse you of sexual misconduct/violence. You could lose everything in the blink of an eye. ~ reluctantlyyy

When your foreskin munches on your pubic hair and you have to find somewhere private for major adjustment. ~ smileedude

I think that is a solid one to end on, don’t you?

Check out the rest of the guys’ complaints over at Reddit.

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