Website Posts Insanely F’d Up Satire Article About A Kid With Terminal Cancer And The Comments Are Very WTF?!?!

The website Runt of the Web recently dipped their toes in the ‘satire’ side of the swimming pool with an article so offensive it’s been picking up comments and shares left and right.

I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve seen someone commenting on or sharing an article from The Onion, completely indignant at the subject material and blissfully unaware that the article was satire. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening on this article titled ‘Make-A-Wish Child’s Wish Is To “Eat Three Pussies, Like A Three-Course Meal, One After Another, And A Sundae For Dessert.” Everyone Feels Very Conflicted‘.

How anyone could think that an article of that nature isn’t satire is beyond me, but here we are, reading through some of the most WTF comments I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

Now before we check out the comments from Runt of the Web below I invite you to at least check out that WAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY OVER THE LINE satirical article yourself, you can CLICK HERE to read that, or just scroll down below to the comments and then follow the link at the bottom to see the article.

I don’t know about you bros but for me, when it comes to ‘sex jokes’ all things related to children are off limits. Furthermore, I’m not ever making jokes about cancer because HOLY SHIT who in their right mind thinks it’s acceptable to joke about cancer?!?! Anyways, here are the WTF comments:

1) HOW?!? How in the actual hell did people reading ‘Make-A-Wish Child’s Wish Is To “Eat Three Pussies, Like A Three-Course Meal, One After Another, And A Sundae For Dessert.” Everyone Feels Very Conflicted‘ not realize that this was clearly a satirical article?

2) How did Runt of the Web not realize that ‘child sex + terminal cancer’ is a subject that’s 100% off limits? All I see is comments from people who think that this is real, in the entire thread there’s like two people IN TOTAL that realize it’s all satire.

3) Who in the shit are these people who think this is real and are supporting this kid/making jokes over his decision? WTF is wrong with people?

4) If you’re ready to get pissed off you can follow the link and head on over to Runt of the Web to see the most offensive satirical article of our generation.

Now for an informal poll: A) you think this topic is off limits, B) you believe that nothing is off limits when it comes to satire, or C) you don’t care, it’s funny to watch idiots think this is real (answers down below in the comments).

And if you have any strong opinions on this satirical article and/or want to get in on the Facebook comments/trolling you can CLICK HERE to get to the Facebook post.

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