Yoga and Dudes

Most guys don’t do yoga because they think it’s for chicks. They know it’s good for them, but they haven’t actually encountered a yoga instructor who (1) is familiar with reality, (2) isn’t a vegan​, or, most importantly, (3) has a physique that other guys want.I’m a former college athlete for Wisconsin and  a life-long lax bro who started a yoga company that rejects most of the yoga industry. I cater to people who want to get ripped, not people that want to talk about their feelings or ponder the meaning of the universe. The company is called Man Flow Yoga, and we’re all about the physical benefits, and not about the esoteric.

I gave up weight training and fully bought into yoga because I stay in the shape that I want to just by doing yoga. It makes me stronger, makes my muscles more defined and toned, and gives me the body that I want. I’m trying to get more guys to do yoga because the physical benefits are fantastic. The increased flexibility, endurance, strength, and body control makes you stronger, less prone to injury, gives your muscles more definition, and increases core strength. If you’re a weight lifter or body builder, your lifts will get better and you’ll recover faster. If you’re a runner, you’ll improve your endurance, core strength, and reduce soreness. If you’re a lazy asshole, you’ll lose weight and get fit without the stress on your body of a high-impact form of cardio like running or CrossFit.

The point is that yoga makes you in the shape that you want to, and the only problem is the way that it’s presented. Based on what I’ve just said, are you sold yet? What’s missing?

Thanks for reading.