This ‘You Threw Up In My Vagina’ Craigslist Missed Connection Is Romance In Its Truest Form

by 4 years ago
vomited in my vagina craigslist


If this Craigslist Missed Connection entitled “You threw up in my vagina” is real it might be the greatest Craigslist Missed Connection ad I have ever seen.

Let’s break it down piece by piece.

“You threw up in my vagina.” ~ Pretty specific event.

“(Outside Arby’s)” ~ Note to self, only use the drive-thru at Arby’s.

“we met and hooked up after the bluegrass show” ~ Note to self, bluegrass shows are where to meet the ladies.

“at the house where the black gay guy lives with 3 white guys.” ~ Pretty specific description.

“you threw up in my vagina.” ~ Just in case he missed it in the title.

“I’m trying to find you for weeks.” ~ Why on earth would she want to find him?

“My sister wants to talk to you.” ~ Okay, I give up.

H/T Uproxx; Vomiting man image by Shutterstock

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