This ‘You Threw Up In My Vagina’ Craigslist Missed Connection Is Romance In Its Truest Form

If this Craigslist Missed Connection entitled “You threw up in my vagina” is real it might be the greatest Craigslist Missed Connection ad I have ever seen.

Let’s break it down piece by piece.

“You threw up in my vagina.” ~ Pretty specific event.

“(Outside Arby’s)” ~ Note to self, only use the drive-thru at Arby’s.

“we met and hooked up after the bluegrass show” ~ Note to self, bluegrass shows are where to meet the ladies.

“at the house where the black gay guy lives with 3 white guys.” ~ Pretty specific description.

“you threw up in my vagina.” ~ Just in case he missed it in the title.

“I’m trying to find you for weeks.” ~ Why on earth would she want to find him?

“My sister wants to talk to you.” ~ Okay, I give up.

H/T Uproxx; Vomiting man image by Shutterstock