This Study Says You’re Better Off Driving Drunk Than Driving High

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According to this study done in 2000, driving while drunk might be less dangerous than driving while high. I’m guessing the researchers kept getting asked for advice on whether it’s better to drive while hammered or stoned, and since refraining from doing either is absolutely out of the question they went ahead and threw some drunks and stoners in a car and tossed them the keys.

The study observed and measured people’s ability to drive in a straight line and found that those who were under the influence of alcohol typically deviated by 2.2 centimeters from a straight line, while those under the influence of marijuana deviated by 2.7 centimeters. I’d find this more impressive if people were deviating by 2.7 FEET instead of centimeters. Even driving sober I’m not 100% sure I can drive in a straight line, and I know I sure as shit can’t walk in one in the first place.

Then again, if you want to be a stickler about results…

“The researchers concluded that the percentage of TOL was not significantly affected by either alcohol or marijuana alone, but that it was much higher when both substances were used together. Similarly, in a test that involved following other cars, drivers’ reaction times under the influence of either THC or alcohol was not significantly different from the double placebo, but they did react slower when both substances were used together.”

Of course, the researchers say that doing either one and driving is bad, but doing BOTH and driving is like putting a bunch of kittens in a bag and smashing it with a sledgehammer. Moral of the story? If you’re going to get fucked up, no matter what you’re doing you still shouldn’t drive.

[H/T New Republic]


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