Horrible, Horrible News, Bros, Doctors Now Think Zika Can Possibly Be Transmitted Via BJs

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about when it comes to sex, what with STDs, and you know, actually trying to have it in general, now comes this news about Zika?

The New York Times now reports that there has been a case in France where scientists believe that the Zika virus may have been transmitted via oral sex – and possibly even just by kissing. Goddamn it.

According to the case in France a 46-year-old man visited Rio de Janiero only to contract Zika-like symptoms then ended right around the time he arrived home.

After landing in Paris he and his 24-year-old partner (damn, dude, way to go) had sex seven times in nine days (love this guy) with each time there being oral sex with ejaculation involved.

It was after that last sex session that the woman then became ill with the virus.

They believe that she most likely acquired it via the oral sex since he did not ejaculate during intercourse. He was using the old pull-out method of birth control. And while the cause of her infection is not 100% definitive, the man did have high levels of the virus in his semen and urine but none in his saliva or blood so that’s not good.

Either way, just the mere possibility of this being true isn’t going to help our, uh, adventures in the bedroom, if you know what I’m saying. And you do.


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