The World Health Organization Just Issued Boning Guidelines For Dudes Worried About The Zika Virus



I know you like to fuck, dude.

And I know you like to fuck without fear of coming down with 2016’s hottest virus: The Zika Virus.

That’s why the Bros over at the World Health Organization have issued some fucking tips for people worried about contracting the Zika virus through some pee in vee, pee in mouth, or mouth on vag action.

Spoiler: You’re gonna have to bust out the rubbers. You may even need to not fuck for a while.


From Yahoo:

The WHO advised couples to use barrier contraception or abstain from sexual contact for at least eight weeks after returning from an area with ongoing Zika virus transmission. This is double its previous guideline of four weeks.

For men who have symptoms of the Zika virus, the WHO advises them to abstain from sex or use barrier contraception for six months over concerns that the virus could persist in semen. For women who have symptoms of the Zika virus, that recommended period is eight weeks.


Who knew the world’s biggest cock block could be a lack of bug spray?

And for other, non-sex tips, watch this.

What You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

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