7 Silly Flirting Mistakes Women Make All The Time

Sometimes, like guys, women are bad flirts too. In fact, this is a more complex topic than you might think. While men often show a woman their value in ways that don’t inherently involve looks, women can easily take advantage by preying on a man’s primal, penal urges. Not cool. So listen up ladies because here are the ways you fail at flirting.

7. Telling a Guy He’s ‘Cute’

Cute is fine for Scottish terriers, teacup piglets and most woodland creatures, but don’t tell a guy he’s cute and expect him to savor every moment of it. Try a more flatteringly manly compliment, like “grizzled.”

6. Acting Dumb

If we’re thinking with our brains, this is annoying as hell. If we’re thinking with our peni (that’s the plural of the word “penis,” but don’t look it up or anything) it can be kind of hot depending on the level of stupidity. Why? We’ll never know. But girls, if you want us to respect you, you should first and foremost respect yourself. If you don’t care, then it may turn us into hyper-sexed cavemen who don’t care either.

5. Half-Assing It

Flirting without being committed to it is bad flirting. Flirting 101: don’t do anything that seems like flirting if you’re on the fence about a guy. Just don’t.

4. Being Boring

Have you ever gotten a text that just said “Heyyyyyyyyy”? This is from a girl who likes you but has no idea what to say. You can bet your ass that she has very little personality (and that could translate to what she’s like under the sheets too). Let’s just hope she’s hot.

3. Shamelessly Kiss-Attacking You

Kissing is great and all, but it’s not always appreciated if a girl, say, has a line of buck-teeth that look like they’re in the middle of doing the Can-can. No means no!

2. Playing Games

Playing hard to get is a silly game, but if a woman decides to do it and take it really seriously, it stops being fun. It has to be about give and take. If there’s no give and all take, it’s not fun. And if there’s one thing guys want when flirting, it’s to have fun.

1. Exposing Herself in Public

This is like unwrapping a Christmas present off-season – just not as special. And yes, this actually happens from time to time to lucky(?) guys. C’mon ladies, it’s just crude. Will it land you a night with a guy of your choosing? I mean, yes, definitely. But will it land you a committed relationship? In the words of the Magic 8-Ball, “Signs point to no.”

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