Ranking The Top 5 Ideal Celebrity Presidential Candidates On The Brilliantly Dumb Show

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There is nothing like an outrageous Top 5 list to get the blood flowing. With the 2020 Presidential election on the way, I think we can all agree if these last few years have taught us anything in politics it is that anything and everything is possible. Look at a guy like Kanye West, just about no shot whatsoever to be our president yet still got his name on some ballots. On The Brilliantly Dumb Show we took on the task of ranking the five celebrities we would want to see take a stab at a presidential run.

5. George Clooney

Imagine if this guy could help America the way he did with Casamigos Tequila? Maybe it’s the looks but there is a certain swagger about the guy that just makes you believe in him. I don’t know a single thing Clooney would say about Casamigos in his commercials yet I’ve purchased that tequila more times than you could imagine. Clooney just may be able to take America to the promised land.

4. Oprah Winfrey

It is hard to do this list without throwing Oprah on there. Everything the girl touches turns into gold and who says that wouldn’t be the case with our country? Maybe it doesn’t work out but I would be damned if we don’t at least let Oprah take this country for a spin and see what she can do with it.

3. Tony Robbins

Yea I know the guy is a little bit corny and it can get old, but think about this: if this guy can get his fans to walk through burning coal for the greater good, I think he can get congress to pass a couple of bills. God forbid we go to war, Robbins is going to have the entire country enlisted in the army ready to rock and roll. State of the unions with Robbins leading the way would really be something to fathom.

2. Bill Belichick

Love him or hate him there is no denying the guy wins time and time again and I think Billy boy can do a damn good job of taking that Patriot culture into the White House. The thought of watching Bill strut up and down the White House in a cut off sleeveless sweatshirt just soothes my soul.

1.Jon Taffer

Taffer mentioned in his recent interview with President Trump that he has considered running for public office and boy I hope he wasn’t lying. If the great Jon Taffer from ‘Bar Rescue’ runs America the way he runs a kitchen or a bar we are in damn good hands. This guy is simply cut from a different cloth.

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