Customs Officials Seized A Record Two Ton Cocaine Shipment In The French Caribbean

French customs officials landed the haul of a lifetime on Wednesday when they seized a vessel carrying more than two tons of cocaine off the coast of Martinique in the French Caribbean. Information about the seizure continues to emerge.

The ship, a Silandra yacht, was falsely sailing under an American flag some 125 miles off the coast at the time of the bust, which is the largest ever made by French authorities. Estimates value the the massive amount of confiscated blow somewhere in the neighborhood of $105 million, based on the current street price. Somewhere a drug cartel don is weeping, likely having just lost a very, very considerable chunk of change.

Authorities promptly arrested the three men aboard the ship in connection with the drug trafficking; two are Spanish citizens, and the other is Venezuelan. It’s pretty safe to say they’ll be in prison for quite some time.

The 2.2 tons of cocaine seized from the smuggling operation accounts for more than a third of the total 6.6 tons that French authorities were responsible for taking off the street in all of 2014.

You can check out photos of the massive bust here.

[via UPI]