1 NBA Team Named As Potential Landing Spot For Zion Williamson

Pelicans star Zion Williamson

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

Throughout his NBA career, basketball fans haven’t gotten to see much of Zion Williamson.

He has played just 114 games in the 4 seasons since he was drafted, but that hasn’t kept him out of the headlines.

Those headlines often have to do with Zion’s weight or when fans will actually get to see him play basketball. Recently, the headlines have changed a bit thanks to some interesting events in his personal life.

Now the headlines have surprisingly turned into Williamson potentially being traded.

Over the course of the day today, Zion has become one of the NBA’s most intriguing trade options.

The rumors have sprung up quickly about the Pelicans trying to deal Zion and there is already a team being named as a potential landing spot for the former number 1 overall pick.

According to NBA Big Board’s Rafael Barlowe, Zion is a potential trade target for the Houston Rockets.

It seems the Rockets could be very busy this offseason.

They have already been linked to James Harden in free agency and are reportedly trying to trade the 4th overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Now it appears that Zion could be the return the Rockets are looking to get for that pick.

A trade for Zion Williamson is about as high-risk, high-reward as it gets. When he has been available, he has been dominant. He just hasn’t been available much.

A lineup built around Harden, Zion, and Jalen Green could be very interesting in a tough Western Conference.

That 4th pick may also be the best the Pelicans can get for Zion right now. According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the Hornets wouldn’t be interested in trading pick 2 for Zion.

That would leave the Blazers as the only team that could offer a better pick and they already have Jusuf Nurkic down low.

It’s still not even entirely clear if the Pelicans are actually planning to trade Zion Williamson, but it sounds like this could be an eventful offseason for him and the Houston Rockets.