12-Year-Old MMA Fighter Destroys Opponent That Is TWICE Her Age

by 2 years ago

A month ago, Cass told you about a whacko MMA fight involving a 12-year-old girl versus another fighter who is exactly TWICE her age. That fight was somehow legal, and it went down this weekend. Well, that 12-year-old girl kicked the shit out of the 24-year-old.



You’re an adult and just got your ass beat by a 7th grader!!!


The 12-year-old bruiser Momo Shimizu dismantled Momoko Yamazaki in a fight in DEEP JEWELS, a female-focused MMA organization in Japan.

Weighing in at only 86-pounds, which is the minimum weight for her division, Momo used her speed, athleticism, and expert techniques to destroy a woman who is twice her age.

Momo, who trains three hours a day, six days a week and has already battled in over 100 amateur BJJ, kickboxing, and karate matches, handled her elder with ease.

Fighting a 12-year-old is a no-win proposition, you win – you’re picking on a child, you lose and you get ridiculed.


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