Even For The Insane World Of Japanese MMA, This Is Crazy: 12-Year-Old Girl Will Fight Adult

Like most things in Japan, MMA is weird and quite different from the rest of the world. Japan’s a quirky island who likes to march to the beat of its own drum. **COUGH** tentacle porn **COUGH** Even for Japan, this announcement of a bizarre MMA fight is extreme.

DEEP JEWELS is a female-focused MMA organization in Japan, and they’ve announced that a 12-year-old girl will soon fight a grown ass 24-year-old woman with several fights under her belt. Just imagine for a second what will happen if this 24-year-old gets the 12-year-old girl, a 7th grader, on the mat and starts raining punches down on her skull like there’s no tomorrow. Or the 24-year-old snaps this pre-teens arm in a submission. How in the fuck can any of this be legal?

The 12-year-old girl is only listed as ‘MoMo’ on the DEEP JEWELS website, and one glance at her official photograph shows that she is very much still a child

The person this 12-year-old girl will be fighting is a 24-year-old woman with 5 official fights listed on her resume. The 24-year-old is WMMA fighter Momoko Yamasaki, and she bills herself as a ‘former street fighter’ which up until this exact moment I’ve never considered the notion that there are ‘street fights’ in Japan. Here are the two fighters side-by-side, one double the other’s age, and one not even a teenager yet:

The two will face off in the minimumweight division. I find this interesting because this girl currently only weighs 86-pounds which is below the minimum weight required to fight in the minimumweight division. And according to Jason Nawara at UPROXX this fight will take place on May 20th at DEEP JEWELS 16, just a few weeks from today.

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