A 17-Year-Old Just Caught a Swordfish Bigger than Andre the Freaking Giant

Face it, this 17-year-old in Florida just reeled in a 693lb swordfish and in one fell swoop accomplished more in fishing than you ever well, no matter how long you live.

h/t @BleacherReport

I consider myself a pretty accomplished fisherman, I’ve caught two species of billfish (Pacific Blue Marlin and Atlantic Sailfish), but my biggest fish to date comes in at ~300lbs, not even close to HALF of what this 17-year-old from Florida just reeled in….Do I just give up now?

According to WPTV, this fish could be a new record. Though I think we’re to assume they’re referring to it being a ‘state record’ and not an all-tackle world record, as that record stands from a 1,182lb fish caught in Chile back in 1953.

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