Look at this mutant tuna, it has TWO frickin’ TAILS

Last week we see the dolphin with TWO HEADS and now this, a mutant tuna with two tails. What the hell is going on underneath the ocean?



This pic surfaced from a reader inquiry over on Sport Fishing Magazine, in which reader Jim purports to have caught this yellowfin tuna off the coast of San Diego. Upon reeling it in he found out the damned thing had two mutant tails, but hadn’t a clue as to why. For the scientific explanation you can head on over to SportFishingMag here.

But this in and of itself isn’t terribly alarming, what’s freaking me the f*ck out is that just last week a person found a dead dolphin washed up on shore and it had TWO FRICKIN’ HEADS. What in the actual hell is going on below the ocean’s surface that’s causing all the creatures to do everything in double? Here’s the creepy dolphin:

Any guesses on what’s causing our ocean’s inhabitants to take the fast track on joining the X-Men? Guesses/answers down below in the comments.


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