Fishing Team Wins $1.729 Million On First Day Of The Big Rock Tournament With A Special Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin breaching water while battling behind a boat

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The 2024 Big Rock Tournament got off to an electric start on Monday with one fishing team already taking home $1.729 million after becoming the first team to weigh a qualifying 500+ pound blue marlin.

This year’s Big Rock Fishing Tournament is going to set records and it’s already done so with the highest Day 1 payout of any fishing tournament. This is the 66th annual event and this year there is a total of $7.562 million in prize money to be awarded. Michael Jordan’s boat is also in the field vying for some of those millions.

Here is the moment the team realized their blue marlin weighed over 500 pounds and they had just won $1,729,750 on Day 1 of the Big Rock Tournament.

Team Wins $1.729 Million On Day 1 Of Big Rock Tournament With 504-pound Blue Marlin

For context, this fish is bigger/heavier than any blue marlin weighed at the 2023 Big Rock Tournament. The top three blue marlin in 2023 weighed 484.5 pounds, 479.l8 pounds, and 470.2 pounds.

The Sushi boat took home $2.769 million for the 484.8 pounder which was by far the most valuable fish caught in the tournament. A mahi mahi (dolphin) caught by Skip Hook was worth a whopping $539,750 and Chasin’ A‘s 479.8 pound blue marlin was worth $412,262.5.

Here are the stats for the 2024 Big Rock Tournament including the massive prize for the first 500-pound blue marlin weighed:

Big Rock Tournament 2024 fishing prize pool

Big Rock

Big Rock is arguably the best fishing tournament when it comes to social media and sharing clips of the action as it goes live. They already have footage up of the weigh-in and the moment the team won over $1.7 million on Day 1:

The tournament is held out of Morehead City, North Carolina for anyone in the area who wants to go see some massive fish weighed over the next few days!

Michael Jordan and his boat, Catch 23, are in the field once again. He’s been on on fire lately and recently won The Shootout 24 in Abaco, The Bahamas after catching 4 blue marlin, 5 white marlin, and a sailfish to dominate the field. It would be pretty awesome to see Michael Jordan and Catch 23 in contention at the Big Rock Tournament in his home state of North Carolina and there’s a LOT of fishing left this week so stay tuned.

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