The 2015 College Lacrosse All Flow Team — By Division

Behold! The 2015  College Lacrosse All Flow Team is here.

Before you get all, “Whoa Jake, flow is so 2009” on me, let me explain. I did not just spend two weeks looking through thousands of pictures of dudes hair for you to get all “duuuuude whhyyyyyy” about the relevancy of flow. I started this because I found myself perusing a club lax team’s roster to figure out what this particular kid’s name was so I could tell him he had great hair (pretty normal day for me, I promise). Then it dawned on me. How long had it been since I’d last seen the BroBible All Flow Team? [Editor’s Note: A long ass time] And so it began.

What lies before you is a throwback to the golden age; a righteous appreciation for what I (and other #chill colleagues) believe to be what flow was originally destined to be. It is rumored that the original titans of flow could be found in a once-prestigious Facebook group known as 90% Of Lax Is In The Flow. Upon posting your high school pic of your combination of lettuce, tilt, swag, etc., you could receive constructive criticism (basically equivalent to the Joaquin Phoenix thumbs up/down from Gladiator) on what you were working with.  Yes, simpletons, it is more than just lettuce coming out of the back of a helmet. See my attached diagram of Tim Desko if you’re still confused. Come fight me on Twitter if you still disagree.

On this day, the BroBible 2015  College Lacrosse All Flow Team lives again.

Note: I came across a few rosters that are absolutely filled to the BRIM with legendary lettuce, freshman haircuts, and complete oddities – Robert Morris University, RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and University of Tampa. Check them out. Also, some team websites don’t have a team picture on their website, so it forced me to go through each picture individually. There are over 200 teams in NCAA Division III alone. Forgive me if I missed some.

You also might be asking yourself, “Where’s the overflow category?” Good question. I have a folder of great overflow candidates, but by the time I was finished I had something like 25 guys already. I know what you’re thinking so I’ll go ahead and say it – overflow wasn’t a category because it doesn’t require that much work from the player.

To see the filthiest lettuce and facial hair and names that college lacrosse has to offer, click on each category below.