The 2015 College Lacrosse All Name Team… And All Italian Name Team

And now for the specialty teams. First up is the All Name Team. The guys that, when I read their names, made me whisper “what the fuck” to myself.

2015 College Lacrosse All Name Team

Bug Carper, UNC
Dominec Massimilion, Cornell
John Daly, East Carolina
William Stiklickas, Molloy
Fleet Jernigan, Hampden Sydney
Rusty Dessert, Utica, D3
Michael Myers, Florida
Brickman House, Utica, D3
Charles “Chuck” Durant Snipes III, UGA
Richard Rorick III, Connecticut
Michael Slaughter, Sacred Heart
Quantum Wei, MIT
Blake Batman, Idaho

These guys though. I had to provide you with more than just luscious hair (and appreciate my own Italian heritage). Look at these names. You know these guys sweat olive oil.

2015 College Lacrosse All Italian Name Team

Andrew Fanizzi, Lindenwood
Alex Govenettio, Canisius
Austin Colaizzi, Colorado
Ben Mastrogiovanni, Assumption
Carl Palladino, Molloy
Chris Lanciatti, Indiana
Dan Simonetti, Loyola
J. Andrew Spallanzani, Hobart
Luke Palmadesso, Villanova
Matt Quagliariello, Siena
Michael Pappalardo, Pace
Nick Caparelli, Rutgers
Nick Capriligione, Queens
Nick Mastroianni, Lehigh
Nick Matarazzo, Georgia Tech
Nick Papaleonti, Frostburg State
Rennie Pettinelli, Stevenson
Rémy Giacotto, Carthage
Phil Spiridigloizzi, RIT
Steve Marrandino, Molloy
Vinny Colapinto, Richmond

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