23-Year-Old Assistant Coach Caught Posing As 13-Year-Old Basketball Player In A Tourney

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A 23-year-old assistant basketball coach was caught posing as a 13-year-old player during a tournament.

Arlisha Boykins is a 23-year-old assistant coach on the Churchland JV girls’ basketball team. There are conflicting reports on her age with some sources saying she is 22 and others saying 23.

During a club basketball tournament, a player on the team was out of town so the 23-year-old (22?) assistant coach stepped in to pose as the absent player, according to WAVY news.

At the :30-second mark in the video you can see the coach charge to the basket, make a layup, and get fouled. She motions for the ‘and 1’, seemingly gloating in the face of the teenagers on the court.

This is in Portsmouth, Virginia near Norfolk and Chesapeake.

Parents of the girl who was out of town/not playing relayed to WAVY10 Sports Director Craig Loper that their daughters was out of town. This kicked off a chain of events that has imploded the team.

The former assistant coach is no longer a Portsmouth Public Schools employee, according to WAVY. In addition to that, the other players on the team agreed to cancel the rest of their season.

The teammate who was out of town is now reportedly transferring next year after the coach impersonated her in a game and the school is launching a full investigation.

Meanwhile, we have video footage of it all happening. It is hard to imagine what else the investigation will uncover.

This isn’t too far off from the plot of 22 Jump Street. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill go back to school. Channing joins the football team where he balls out even though he’s much older.

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