So You’ve Only Got 30 Minutes? Here’s The 30-Minute Workout For You

We’ve all been there. Found ourselves at the gym and all of the sudden in a major time crunch. You’ve got 30 minutes, and then you’ve got to bounce because all of the sudden life is calling.

What do you do in this situation? Do you phone it in and decide you’ll just lift another day? Or do you nut up and decide that today is as good a day as any to get some quality lifting in, just with a bit more planning and a lot less rest.

Busting through a quick lift can be one of the most productive things you do not only for your physique, but it’s invaluable when it comes to building momentum and mental fortitude.

There’s a certain magic that comes with knowing that even though life tried to throw a curveball at you, shit doesn’t matter. You’ll adapt, move on, and still get your shit in.

It may not seem like much right now, but after a few times of that happening, it truly does wonders for your overall mindset, which inevitably leads to more success.

So, interested in the short 30-minute workout? Here it is:

A1. Dumbbell incline bench press x12

A2. Single arm dumbbell row x8

A3. Goblet squat x15

A4. Single leg hip thrust x12

5 rounds, move from exercise to exercise, rest 45 seconds between each round.


B1. Romanian deadlift x10 (can be done with barbell or dumbbells)

B2. Facepull x12

B3. Inchworms x5

3 rounds, move from exercise to exercise, rest 30 seconds between each round.


C1. Thrusters x10

3 rounds, resting 20 seconds between each round.

And bam. Done. Go shower off quick and get back to crushing life. Enjoy this one, bros.

Tanner is a fitness professional and writer based in the metro Atlanta area. His training focus is helping normal people drop absurd amounts of fat, become strong like bull, and get in the best shape of their life.