4 Exercises To Build A Better Backside – And Why That Matters

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Today we’re talking about ass play. Why? Because ass play is something we should all embrace. In fact, I say we start a movement. We’ll call it #buttstuff2016 and advocate for more ass play in 2016.

Today’s focus on ass play is a bit different than you’re probably thinking though.

Male Pattern Pancake Ass is a very real epidemic. It’s something I once suffered from, and I’ve written about extensively. I know for damn sure that I’m not alone when it comes to MPPA.

Just take a quick walk down the street, and you’re bound to see dudes all over the place with an ass that’s flat as a board. This isn’t good, bros.

I’m not saying that you need to build a butt that JLo would be proud of, but you should have something back there.


Because having a decent ass is critical to a well-rounded physique. If you’re dressing to kill and all of your pants are baggy around the ass, it hurts your overall appearance. Women notice that shit.

It’s even worse when you’ve got a great upper body, and no ass at all. Then you just look fucking weird, and you’re screaming out to the world that you don’t even train legs.

Not to mention building a better ass can actually help you with future lower back issues and overall strength levels. Building a better ass is a no brainer.

Here are 4 movements you can start incorporating to build a better backside.

  • Squats

How could I skip this one? I couldn’t. Squats are one of the best damn exercises known to man, and a go to ass builder.

When it comes to building a respectable ass, squats are best done heavy and often. Don’t go fucking around with goblet squats, front squats, or anything else. Back squat often, back squat heavy, and reap the benefits.

And when it comes to building a good ass, ALWAYS squat to depth. Don’t bitch out here.

  • Deadlifts

Noticing a pattern yet? The classic lifts are ass builders. They’re also hard as fuck, and that’s why a lot of people don’t bother doing them.

The deadlift is by far and away my favorite exercise. It’s perfect for all things posterior chain, especially the ass.

Unlike the squat, the deadlift shouldn’t be performed as often. If you’re squatting 3x a week, it’s advised to only deadlift 1-2x a week.

Why? Because the deadlift is an exhausting move for the nervous system, especially when done heavy enough. You’ve got to give the CNS time to recover, especially when you’re squatting and doing other leg focused movements.

  • Barbell hip thrust

Bret Contreras is single handedly responsible for turning this sexually explicit looking exercise into a mainstream ass annihilator.

The barbell hip thrust might be the single most effective exercise out there when it comes to building the ass. Unlike other exercises that place stress on the hamstrings, quads, or other leg muscles the hip thrust is all ass all the time. Just like we like it.

Even if you’re really flat assed, you can still move a surprising amount of weight on this exercise. Don’t shy away from doing it heavy and often.

  • Monster walks

This is another Bret Contreras specialty. I started incorporating it into my warm ups and was blown away by the ass pump that I got.

Monster walks are so effective because they focus on the glute medius over the glute maximus, which what squats/deadlifts/hipthrusts primarily target.

Training multiple parts of your glutes is one of the most overlooked aspects of glute training. You want to build a well-rounded butt, and to do so you’ve got to hit it from various angles. Insert that’s what she said joke.

I like performing monster walks as a warm-up before every leg training session, meaning I get them in at least 2-3x a week. 5 minutes of these bad boys and your ass will be fried. Enjoy them.

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