Guy Hit A 12 Team Parlay And Won $45,000 Thanks To The Falcons Not Getting Blown Out Last Night

I took the Packers to cover at -12.5 last night and even though I had no where near $45,000 on the line, I’m still not 100% sold that my happiness for this guy winning his 12-team parlay is genuine. I almost shut the game off when the Packers were up 31 -7 at halftime. Thought them covering was a forgone conclusion. The only reason I kept watching was Eddy Lacy. The team I was playing in Round 1 of my fantasy playoffs needed him to score 35 points to beat me and that overachieving son of a bitch had about 22 points by half.

Well, Lacy was the only reason I watched until the Falcons made it evident that they weren’t going to be good little boys and lay down and die so JC could win some cash.

For those who watched the entire game, you know this guy won this 12 team parlay by the skin of his dick. First, he had to endure Mason Crosby hitting a line drive 53 yard kick to give the Packers a 13-point lead with four minutes left in the game and then, after the Falcons scored and cut the lead to six, he saw James Starks almost run for a long touchdown with under two minutes on the clock. His nerves must be fucking shot this morning.

Congrats to him, though. I’m so (clinches teeth) happy for him.