49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo Gets Brutally Roasted After Panthers Acquire Baker Mayfield

Jimmy Garoppolo Gets Roasted After Panthers Acquire Baker Mayfield

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  • Baker Mayfield is now a member of the Carolina Panthers.
  • So, this means one less suitor for San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • The 49ers’ QB has been getting brutally roasted since the Mayfield trade.

There you have it. Baker Mayfield is headed to the Carolina Panthers in a long-awaited trade with the Cleveland Browns.

So, what does this mean for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo? It means one less suitor.

Garoppolo has been a hot topic on the trade market, and the Panthers appeared to be the final viable suitor for the signal caller. Now, with Mayfield headed to Carolina, this hurts Garoppolo’s chances of going elsewhere anytime soon.

The last option looks to be the Browns, especially with a Deshaun Watson suspension likely on the way.

Apart from that, there aren’t any other options.

Jimmy Garoppolo Is Getting Brutally Roasted After Baker Mayfield Goes To Carolina

Ever since the Mayfield trade, Garoppolo memes, reactions, and gifs have been spiraling out of control on the internet. Here are some of the best we have found thus far.




With the Browns as the final option (or so it seems), some reactions have also come from that.

It is not a good situation for Jimmy G. At this rate, the 49ers have a couple of options: Release him or keep him around as the backup to Trey Lance. But, who knows, maybe a trade suitor pops up out of nowhere.